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Master Board Kit - Year 2

Master Board Kit - Year 2

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The Master Board Kit - Year 2 includes:

  1. Visual Root Worksheets (Pad I) - Year 2;
  2. Constructed Root Worksheets (Pad II) - Year 2; and
  3. Master Board Pad (Pad III) - Year 2. 
Note that the Year 2 Kit does not include the Master Board itself, since the Board is reused from Year 1.


A Master Board is placed in a central location within the school building where all students will have access to it, such as a cafeteria or in the hallway outside the school office.  Master Boards help to create the "community-building" quality of the Latin and Greek Roots Challenge by allowing all students to collaborate in identifying and recording "Constructed Words" on the Master Board and to view those recorded by others.