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Constructed Word Lists (Pad II) - Year 2 (used with Master and Classroom Boards)

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Three Constructed Word Lists are placed on the Master Board and the Classroom Boards in the middle of each week (after students spend several days coming up with Constructed Words on their own). Constructed Word Lists provide samples of words containing a given root, but do not provide an exhaustive list.  Constructed Word definitions are designed to identify and reinforce the meaning of the roots contained in that word.

Constructed Words on the Lists are divided into two or three groups with the easier words listed first.  This allows younger grades to focus on just the first group, while older grades can study all groups.  Constructed Words highlighted with an asterisk (*) are words that occur with high frequency on standardized tests (e.g. SAT, PSAT, ISEE, HSEE, GRE, etc.).