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Ordering Recomendations - Schools

Recommendations for ordering school-wide materials:

  1. Order one Master Board Kit per school (unless multiple Master Boards are needed for different wings, floors, buildings, etc.).
  2. Order one Classroom Board Kit per classroom for Grades 2-8.
  3. Order one Early Elementary Root Posters Kit per classroom for Grades Pre-K - 1.
  4. Order one Level 2 Student Workbook for each student in Grades 2-4 (order in multiples of five for best pricing).
  5. Order one Level 3 Student Workbook for each student in Grades 5-8 (order in multiples of five for best pricing).
  6. Order one Level 2 or Level 3 Teacher's Answer Key for each teacher in Grades 2-4 or Grades 5-8, respectively.
  7. Unbundled items from kits can be purchased as needed for special situations.
For Years 2 and 3, Master and Classroom Board Kits exclude the boards themselves, since the boards can be reused from Year 1.  Kit pricing reflects this change.

Once a school completes the three-year cycle, it returns to Year 1 of the program again.  Non-consumable materials such as Teacher's Guides and Early Elementary Root Posters can be reused from the previous time the school used that year.


Have questions or need a quote?  Does your state or community have centralized purchasing or approved vendors?  Need to use a Purchase Order?  Please do not hesitate to e-mail us at info@the-rooted-mind.biz.


Tax-exempt?  E-mail or fax (508-545-1120) us a copy of your tax exempt certificate and we will set you up with a tax-exempt account.

Note:  Level 1, 2, and 3 workbooks all cover the same roots each week (Level 1 focuses on just one of the three weekly roots).  However, challenge exercises and vocabulary increase in complexity for each Level workbook.  This creates an opportunity for differentiated instruction as teachers or parents can adjust materials to different students' abilities.