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Latin and Greek Roots Challenge - Year 1 - Early Elementary Root Posters Kit

Early Elementary Root Posters Kit - Year 1 (Pre-K - Grade 1)

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Early Elementary Root Posters (“EERPs”) are used in the early elementary grades (pre-K, K, and Grade 1) in place of the Classroom Kits.  EERPs are very visual and designed for teacher-led discussions ("circle time").  At this grade level, the program only covers one Latin or Greek root per week, but these are the same roots as the older grades have for their "blue roots" and the younger students are usually excited to be covering the same material as the older students.

EERPs contain a variety of visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic exercises designed to introduce roots to and reinforce their meanings with young students. EERPs are laminated to permit students and teachers to write on the with dry-erase markers. Each poster contains step-by-step Teacher Notes to assist teachers in conducting lessons.

EERP Kits contain:

  1. the EERP - Year 1;
  2. the Level 1 Workbook - Year 1; and
  3. the Teacher's Program Guide - Year 1 (which contains Roots Challenge instructions and references).