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SAT Scores are favorably impacted when Latin and Greek languages are studied

Research shows that foreign language study in general, and the study of Latin in particular, contributes to students' advanced academic performance. According to the 2013 College-Bound Seniors - Total Group Profile Report, students who studied Latin consistently scored higher than other language students and the general population on the reading and writing sections of the SAT for the period of 2003 through 2013. For example, mean SAT Reading and Writing scores in 2013 for students who also took the SAT Subject Tests in the following languages were as follows:*
                     Reading   Writing 
Latin       680   678
French  638   645
German   631   637
Hebrew  627   642
Italian  607   615
Spanish  591   600        
Average for all Students       496   488
Similar studies demonstrate the favorable impact that Latin study has on grade point averages, reading achievement, vocabulary skills, and even math problem solving skills.
Latin, in turn, is rooted in ancient Greek. The Latin language was heavily influenced by the Greek language, just as much of Roman culture was shaped by the Greek culture and intellectual thought. Therefore, study of Greek is also highly beneficial in advancing academic performance.